The future of porn that is feminist? Virtual reality made by girls, for girls

Porn actress Mir-Ausziehen is sporting a lacy black bra. While performer Lance Hart goes down on her she's sprawled across the bed. The 2 are starring in the VR movie Empowering Ava, the story of an erotica writer (Mir Ausziehen) whose partner (Hart) is intrigued by some of the sex acts she writes about. He wants to try them out and Eva is more than [...]

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Getting Down To Basics with Services

How To Restore a Deck in Four Simple steps Having a weathered deck can result in a beautiful and spacious house or building being termed as ugly. People must always try all [...]

Getting Creative With Houses Advice

Ways On How To Find The Right Home Renovation Contractor The value of your house can definitely boost with the help of home renovation. There will also be an improvement on [...]

How I Achieved Maximum Success with Companies

Choosing Your Full Service Marketing Agency Advertising is one of the most important factors that determine business growth. To boost the sales of a company and promote [...]

Escorts are good partners to offbeat cinema and at the same time can enjoy a commercial formula film

Escorts are good partners to offbeat cinema and at the same time can enjoy a commercial formula film. It is by no means a small achievement it needs high-end adaptability. [...]

Avoiding Mistakes in Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Headache #1: An employer shipped out copies of an expensive video program to dozens of distant managers without providing HR staff to either answer questions or ensure [...]

Sexual Harassment, It Shows No Boundaries

Unfortunately, sexual harassment is everywhere. Allegations of sexual harassment this week mention: Presidential candidates, college football, professional athletics, [...]

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace – You Could Be the Next Victim, and Not Even Know It

What is sexual harassment and how common is it in the workplace?What can a victim of sexual harassment do?What does your workplace look like?In an ideal workplace sexual [...]